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Bridney casillas

Bridney Casillas is a blogger and journalist from New London, Connecticut, who is in charge of the Sweet Scoop Media, an independent, media arts blog. The Sweet Scoop Media focuses on interviews and music reviews on artists from all concentrations within the local entertainment industry. After she graduated in May 2019 from Three Rivers Community College with her Associate's Degree in Graphic Design, she decided to create her blog to help local artists in Southeastern Connecticut and elsewhere gain recognition and exposure for their talents.


Founded in July 2019, The Sweet Scoop has had the pleasure of interviewing notable local artists, including Nosamé, Erycka Ortiz, and Young Thotty just to name a few. An avid music enthusiast, Bridney is a singer-songwriter who enjoys writing songs in her free time. She is also a freelance graphic designer and photographer.