Artist Feature: Aisha Nailah

I am a Black- Costa Rican woman, born and raised in Bridgeport Ct . I'm also a teacher. My father was a musician and painter and my mother creates jewe

lry and macrame, so that's pretty much where I got started. Officially didn't consider myself an artist or start exhibiting until about 10 years ago. I've since curated multiple exhibits and ran Blends Gallery in Bridgeport with a friend of mine.

I'm inspired by multiple things mainly to do with black culture. More often that not I find myself painting women and children. Sometimes its an image, a set of colors, a dream or an idea that gets me started. I don't like to sketch my paintings or even plan, I pretty much just let it do what it's going to do. I have a few favorite pieces, I tend to really like my own art LOL. But I have 1 or 2 originals that I promised myself not to sell, both are very different.

I really just want people to enjoy my art, I try to keep it light (spiritually) and full of color. I don't make too many things that are intentionally carrying messages with the exception of a current series titled #BEFOREDEMGROW. This series is heavy for me. It came from a space of being tired of hearing or reading another hashtag_____________ (insert name), but I'm not the marching kind of person, so this became my protest. It examines black death (mind, body, spirit) at the hands of the world through derogatory terms like Nappy headed hoe and  Gator-bait. I've had to

step away from it for a little bit. But overall I want

people to just enjoy. 

"black. woman. artist. culture. color. movement. fresh. real."

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