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Bailey Marie on How Poetry Is A Way of Coping

Meet the Connecticut-based Writer who Self-Heals Through the Art of Poetry

By Bridney Casillas

Bailey Marie, a 26-year-old Connecticut-based poet and writer.

Bailey Marie, or Bai, for short, is a writer and poet from Norwich, Connecticut, who has been writing poetry since the 4th grade. The 26-year-old recalls first wiring poetry for a class and found it to be a good way for her to cope and process her feelings.

What makes her writing stand out is the mature subject matter she touches on, which others may view as intimidating to share with others. After dedicating time to completing college, Bailey got right back into writing poetry a year and a half ago.

In her free time, Bailey writes short stories, books, and lyrics. Speaking with passion intertwined with personal stories, many of Bailey's poems captivate listeners. She aims to move her readers to express their own emotions by writing.

Additionally, her goal as a poet is to make people aware of others struggling around them where the listener feels the emotions of the individuals' feelings. Sharing her poems through passionate storytelling is her way of making her rhymes relatable for all listeners to hear, intending to inspire them.

"I do not designate time to write. I usually will feel intense emotions, and the words will just come to me."

Bailey reading her poetry during the TalkYoShit! livestream on February 13, 2021

According to Bailey, whenever an idea comes to her mind, she writes down a couple of verses related to that idea. Poetry fits "seamlessly" into her schedule, as new ideas form in her mind on an everyday basis.

In total, she has written more than 30 poems, including her favorite, "My Own Place." After writing it due to a bad breakup, Bailey wrote the poem to cope and "mourn" the relationship. The apartment she was sharing with her significant other made it unbearable during the quarantine. During that time, writing helped her process what was happening during the ordeal.

Writing about the toxic traits of both parties, her poem deals with how to move on from a bad relationship. She debuted "My Own Place" at CulturedAF's TalkYoShit! open mic and pop-up art exhibition last September.

She has also performed her poetry live as a headliner for another TalkYoShit! event centered on the themes of love and eroticism last month. Streamed on Instagram and Facebook live, many tuned in, and the online event brought current supporters and new supporters to the emerging poet.

"I always come up with my best works when I am completely alone. Very seldom will I write or create new works in front of others," says Bailey.

In her free time, Bailey enjoys reading and exposing her mind to new works. Her current favorite writer is Ellen Hopkins, a New York Times best-selling novelist and poet popular among young adults.

She is currently in the process of writing a book centered around the themes of healing and wellness. In the future, she plans to write a follow-up discussing the themes of past trauma, current healing, and future outlook. She urges her readers to stay tuned for her upcoming writings. "Poetry is a release and a way of coping," says Bailey.

Watch the video below of Bailey Marie reciting "My Own Place."

Be sure to follow Bailey Marie on Instagram for updates on her poetry and upcoming book.

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