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"Behind Closed Doors" with Brandy Specks

The Actress Who Plays the Lead Role of Stacey in Her Recent Movie Talks About the Dangers and Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

By Bridney Casillas

"I remember what it was like to love someone so much and to be mistreated," says Brandy Specks.

CulturedAF is pleased to kick off its monthly Q&A series with its first interview with Brandy Specks. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, the actress says she does not come from an acting background, and instead, decided to be an actor from age 8 onwards.

After being in her first play, she continued on the path to being a professional actress, studied Theatre Arts as well as acting, film, writing, and production at Sam Houston State University.

Compared to her previous roles in the films, The Break of Dawn and Room 226 which required Brandy to channel headstrong characters, she had to take on a submissive and delicate role for Stacy.

Brandy Specks and Shelton Jolivette as her Professor
"What helped me prepare for the role of Stacy was to read my script a lot to be familiar with it and to also try to get into the mind of someone who has low self-esteem," says Brandy.

The actress urges not only women but also men to watch for the warning signs. The 2020 film serves as a cautionary tale for all, especially young women around Stacy's age to know the warning signs and dangers of an abusive relationship.

"When someone shows you who they are the first time — believe them. Some people act all nice until they get you right where they want you, then take advantage of you and the situation."

Brandy says she was able to connect to her character Stacy since she was in a verbally abusive relationship when she was in her early 20s. "I remember what it was like to love someone so much and to be mistreated."

Filmed for 12 hours each day, in 8 days, she says it was an enjoyable and fun experience to be on set. The scene that stood out the most to Brandy was when her character, Stacy met with the university's counselor.

What made the scene memorable for her was when her character Stacy got a sense of knowing that what she had been through was not her fault.

"Some people really are wolves in sheep’s clothing," says Brandy, who urges anyone who is in an abusive relationship to seek help immediately and call the national hotline, 1-800-799-7233 for additional support.

Be sure to stream the film, Behind Closed Doors here.

Still from the movie, Behind Closed Doors

You can see more from Brandy Specks on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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