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Chaurielle Robinson Discusses Brand, REIZERCO in First Interview

Independent Fashion Designer, Seamstress, & CEO of REIZERCO Explains the Heartwarming Inspiration Behind Her Line of Clothes Dedicated to Her Late Best Friend

By Bridney Casillas

CEO of REIZERCO, Chaurielle Robinson

27-year-old Chaurielle Robinson is a fashion designer from New London, Connecticut, and the CEO of her brand, REIZERCO. REIZERCO produces cut and sewn wardrobe that strives to deliver excellent clothing made for anyone.

REIZERCO is a casual streetwear brand. Robinson's following on social media continues to grow, and her clothing pieces continue to evolve. She has sold out multiple designs from previous collections and has headlined at college fashion shows in Connecticut.

"I don't really have outside inspiration for designs. When I see a fabric, I immediately know what I'd make out of it. The design comes to my mind right away."

Growing up, she watched her grandmother sew. She first realized she wanted to pursue a fashion career in 2012, at age 19, while attending math class at UCONN Avery Point.

She made an Instagram, Facebook, and a website for her brand in late May 2013. Deciding not to make an announcement, she released her first design and released more after.

She was sketching a design and felt God telling her to start a clothing line in honor of her late best friend, Ruben Elijah Reiser Johnson, who passed away at age 16. Her brand took on the mission statement, "In the end, I reign supreme," a common phrase Reiser Johnson would say.

Models, Sophia and Chloe wearing Robinson's designs

She ultimately decided on the name, REIZERCO taking on one of his last two names "Reiser," and adding the "co" for company. Her brand carries his legacy and promotes self-expression.

A self-taught designer, she learned the basics of how to make clothes from her grandmother in 2013. She briefly attended the Art Institute for fashion design in 2015 at age 22.

"I was advanced when it came to the sewing aspect, but that school did expose me to the industrial sewing machines they use in factories."

The clothes she designs represent her style. She designs clothes that she would wear and that are stylish to her. Robinson does not follow trends or look to other fashion sources. Her dream collaboration is with CHANEL to walk down their runway, stating that she loves the classy brand and their runway shows.

She describes herself as not being a trendy person and strives for her pieces to be timeless, not pieces that are trendy for the moment. Her favorite design is one half desert camouflage and one half cargo pants.

"They're [the cargo pants] unique, and a lot of people like them. My second and third favorite designs are my floral dress and floral suit. I never released them, but I showed them in a fashion show in 2019," says Robinson.

A handmade T-shirt takes 3 hours to complete, while a pair of sweatpants could take 10 hours depending on the design.

Some new fashion pieces she has been working on are leather pants and floral corsets for her personal wardrobe. She has been making sweatsuits, which have been keeping her busy for REIZERCO.

"I feel it's important for people of all sizes and shapes to love themselves because we're all beautiful in our way. No one shape or size is better than another."

Be sure to follow Chaurielle Robinson's brand on Instagram and Facebook. Check out her YouTube channel for videos on fashion tips. Visit her website, https://www.reizerco.com/ to purchase and support local, independent designers.

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