• Juanita Austin

Cultured AF Moves Into the Next Round For Matching Grant From CTNext

Updated: May 29, 2019

Cultured AF is excited to announce their grant proposal to Thames River Innovation to grow their new lounge, gallery, retail and event space named “Cultured Studios”.

CTNext is reviewing the proposal and will be making final selections in mid-June for a matching-grant. Cultured Studios is a social and creative venue for the greater New London community to gather. It also has retail space through an Artist Exchange Micro-business Collective. If selected as a finalist, Cultured AF must raise $6,000 for Cultured Studios in order to receive the matching grant. Support Cultured AF’s development of the Cultured Studios by contributing to the Kickstarter campaign.

Supporting the development of Cultured Studios will provide an active, safe space for cultural expression, especially for people of color in a downtown that is rapidly becoming gentrified. The Studio would be New London’s only social lounge - a center for building community and providing a vibrant arts and music scene for long-time New London residents and newcomers alike.

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