• Bridney Casillas

Inspire, Hope, & Love: The Sound of Finn Wiggins-Henry

Soulful Singer Blends Wide Range of Musical Styles Into Her Original Pieces

By Bridney Casillas

"I perform many genres - though all pieces are generally emotive and healing," says Finn Henry.

Cultured AF is pleased to end this month's interview with the jazz singer, Finn Wiggins-Henry. She is the frontwoman of the free-jazz (Freedom Jazz) band, Art of Huckleberry that was formed in 2018.

The Art of Huckleberry fuses together different musical styles such as R&B, jazz, rock, and Afro-Cuban. Those same blended musical styles can be heard in her original music.

Born and raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut, she says she came from a family of musicians and creatives. Her grandfather is a blues guitarist, her grandmother is a painter, and both of her parents are creatives.

Her sound is self-described as a "melting pot" of blues, gospel, and jazz. The singer considers all of her music to be emotive and healing to the listener.

As of now, Finn says she has been working on new music and plans to release several songs in a collection that has been keeping her busy. "I have a deadline and I am the sole producer, composer, and arranger," says Finn.

Though the compilation may not happen in the time frame she would like, Finn assures her supporters that they can expect a new single to be released soon.

Earlier this year in May, the sultry singer released her song, "Lost" and says that is one of her favorite original pieces she has made to date. The song was composed and produced by Finn Wiggins-Henry and band-mate, Grant Eagleson, who also played the trumpet and bass on the track.

Filled with harmonies and a jazzy-soulful sound, Finn's sultry vocals push through the dissonant instrumentation, blending together nicely. The composition ends with a belted whistle note, a feat that is not heard often in vocalists.

"That song came from a darker period of uncertainty. I am not one who can really convey feelings in spoken dialogue and conversation," says Finn.

According to Finn, the feeling and expression of uncertainty "flowed" from her fingers to her piano. It was not until a year later when she and her band, The Art of Huckleberry arranged and composed the piece.

She started her piano lessons at the Regional Center for the Arts in 2009. After briefly taking a break from 2013 to 2016, she revisited piano during her studies at the University of Connecticut.

Later joining the university's jazz ensembles, she says she is thankful for the professors, and teachers who guided her on her jazz-piano journey.

"I am always working on pieces as music is my form of communication. Currently, I am focusing on a few songs that each express different parts of me."

You can hear and see more from Finn Wiggins-Henry on Instagram,

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