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Meet Jiggy General, the Clever and Witty Rapper-Singer

The New London and Raleigh-based Artist Talks About Being Inspired by Local Rappers and His Video Shoot for His Lastest Song, "My Bruddahs"

By Bridney Casillas

"There is nothing else that can elevate your mood and stimulate your mind like music. I'm all about the tunes."

Jiggy General is a rapper from New London, Connecticut who recently moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to network with other artists in the larger, vibrant music scene. He moved to Raleigh to establish a fan base and record more music with cousins, OTM lek and OTM Uptown, and friend OMGitsBEEZY.

Before moving to Raleigh, he recorded his last music video in New London for his newest song, "My Bruddahs." Released on December 4th, the music video follows Jiggy General and his squad, the jiggymøb, dancing and hanging out in various locations around the busy town.

"This video shoot was so fun, extremely fun, but it was so difficult to get done. It rained all day, so I had to rewrite my treatment to go around the rain, and we had a direct everything to be in favor of the rain. My favorite set shooting that day is the shopping cart scene."

Jiggy General offers swift, rapid bars over a hard-hitting beat. His music can be resilient, aggressive, and humorous in the span of a bar. A song like "My Bruddahs" allows him to display his versatility.

On “My Bruddahs,” he raps, “Me and my bruddahs we been through the most, through the mud, they my dogs foreal / snakes in the grass wanna jump on they ass, give it to 'em they know the drill."

"I added the 'FUCK ZACK' because it’s funny to me," says the 22-year-old, who says the song was partially inspired by an individual named Zack who has had confrontations with General and jiggymøb. Towards the end of the song, Jiggy General explicitly shouts him out.

His creative process while creating his music typically involves him rapping gibberish over his beats until he comes up with lines and a two-hour writing session. He has been rapping all his life, and he grew up in a musical household where his family played music frequently.

As a child, he started rapping for fun, looked up to, and became inspired by well-established local rappers such as Jus Cuz and Franc Grams. He enjoyed attending their concerts and watching in awe of how they engaged the audience with their powerful stage presence.

They inspired him to become a rap artist and enroll himself at Writer's Block Ink, a non-profit performing arts organization for inner-city youth that allows them to write and perform their material for stage productions.

While attending Writer's Block Ink, he participated in a few youth-led stage productions that allowed him to rap and sing. He says his experience at Writer's Block taught him about songwriting and strengthened his artistry.

Performing since 2011, Jiggy General started his career as a spoken word artist who recited poetry at local open mics in Southeastern Connecticut.

"The first real place I performed at for money was this venue in Boston back when I was 14. It was crazy, and I had grown men in there trying to get my contact information to do features," says Jiggy General.

He started recording music in 2014, at age 16, releasing one of his earliest songs "Sour Blues" which created a following for him in his hometown. After recording more songs, he decided on the stage name Jiggy General, envisioning himself as the general, the leader of his squad, jiggymøb.

His greatest accomplishment is his versatility with music that allows him to be guest-featured on different songs. He has done his research on different genres and learned over time how to easily change flows.

"It is hard for me to remain with one sound, and I am going to experiment with new sounds with this new tape that I'm about to drop."One of his goals as an artist is to be an opening act for artists such as multi-instrumentalist and rapper Anderson.Paak, rapper J. Cole, and hip-hop artist, Big Yavo.

"There is nothing else that can elevate your mood and stimulate your mind like music. I'm all about the tunes."

Be sure to follow Jiggy General on Instagram, and Twitter, and Facebook for updates on his music. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for more videos and content. To stream his music, visit Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music or search for "Jiggy General."

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