N-word Poem


This ones for the niggas that failed to stay fatha figgas

No integrity havin ass niggas

Niggas that look at a woman the same way they look at a door:

As an option.

This ones for the niggas whose finga rests on the trigga

Tongue cocked back at the ones that feed it

Havin ass niggas.

Niggas who kiss black women’s asses

But don’t notice her


Niggas who claim black love for clout but got none for “bitches”



Near they mommas age ass niggas

This ones especially for the niggas who pretend to be bigga

Niggas who figga’d to puff their chest

To push off the weight stacking on top of it.

Niggas who get the jittas when asked about their feelings

That’s not what you niggas do huh?

You don’t have any morals do ya?

Just gettin that bag and chasin hoohah

Corny ass niggas.

Corny like that term for pussy.

What I really should call you but

You niggas are nowhere synonymous to a power I have within me

OR my thighs.

Power that make you niggas wanna die.

So watch how you talk to me.


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