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Raking in the Music & Fun with Singer-Songwriter, Tay Alexander-Oliveira

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

The Vocalist Talks About Her Upcoming Debut and A Few of Her Fall Favorites

By Bridney Casillas

Tay Alexander-Oliveira poses with her guitar inside her bedroom on a chilly, autumn day on October 26, 2020.

The golden days of fall are among us, and for artists who are also autumn lovers, it only adds extra warmth and comfort to their ever-changing schedules.

Taylor Alexander-Oliveira, or Tay, for short, is a singer-songwriter from Ledyard, Connecticut, who not only enjoys the autumn season but has also been working on her music. She considers herself to be a pumpkin spice lover and enjoys everything pumpkin flavored.

When not in the studio, she enjoys pumpkin picking along with hayrides, which she considers to be her favorite fall activity. Tay wears "any hoodie" when she records in the studio, preferably a white one from her friends at Roasted Coffee Company.

"It is imperative that I feel comfortable when I am recording, writing, or doing anything musically because music is a part of me" says Tay, 24.

She is currently in the process of working on her debut album. She has also been writing songs and reaching out to fellow artists to collaborate with on her music, something she says she has never done before.

She says she is still learning how to be present in the way that she creates. Tay usually does her work by herself because that is something she has gotten accustomed to.

"It's all about getting all of my thoughts together enough so I can create beautiful things. I have been busy lately," says Tay, who insists that planning for a lot amid a pandemic has been a little challenging, but not impossible.

Tay also performs covers when not in the studio and posts them to Instagram, along with her guitar playing. She recently covered Blackbird, a song by The Beatles that means a lot to her.

She says the song is powerful and is symbolic of many different things, including the inspiration behind the song the civil rights movement.

Coming from a musical family background, her father is a drum player, and many of her family members are singers and musicians. Her first solo performance was in the church at the age of 4, which she reflects upon as being a scary, yet exciting experience.

She was very involved in choir throughout middle school and high school.

In high school, she was in a women's choir, concert choir, chamber choir, and an acapella group called A Cabellas.

"I feel like I speak more through music than through actual words, and I used to think I was weird... I guess I am just a musician."

Her favorite highlight of high school was a solo, in which she sang a part of a Beyonce song. She says music has always been a part of her life and a part of her subconscious.

As an independent artist, Tay has released four original songs: Philautia, Heal The World, Dear Mr., and Virgo’s Mantra. "Virgo's Mantra" can be found on the singer's Spotify account and is the only song of hers on the music streaming service.

"I’m taking my time but also know people may be waiting. I want to make sure I give it my all, and I want it [my music] to be authentic and meaningful for my first real project."

Be sure to follow Tay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on her upcoming debut project. Check out her website, http://www.curamusica.co to learn more about the singer-songwriter!

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