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Self-Expression Through Poetry: A Conversation with Silent Quill

Meet Silent Quill, an Emcee, and Poet who Shares His Life Through Melodic Storytelling

By Bridney Casillas

"I've been writing rhymes and poems since I was a teen," says Silent Quill.

Cultured AF is pleased to interview emcee and poet, Silent Quill. The 38-year-old artist grew up in a "creative" household.

Hailing from Bridgeport, Connecticut he says his Uncle, Phil was a rapper who he looked up to. When he would spend time with his cousins, Uncle Phil would drive around town with them all where they would take turns rapping in the car.

"I think he [Uncle Phil] knew I had potential, and that was his way of trying to get me to open up," says Silent Quill, who states he was shy growing up.

He first started writing poems and lyrics when he was a teenager. He strictly rapped to his circle of friends and wrote poems for his girlfriend.

As he got older, Silent Quill started to come out of his shell. He started performing 10 years ago and says that's when his journey as an artist began.

Since then, he has performed at several venues and festivals, including being a headliner at CulturedAF's Talk Yo Shit! open mic and pop-up art exhibition this past month.

"I'm just describing my experiences in the form of poems to listeners and readers in a creative fashion," says Silent Quill.

Depending on the day, Silent Quill could get "lost in a poem" for hours at a time, writing, and organizing. His most interesting writing quirk is his writing style, which he refers to as creating "fragments."

He has completed 30 poems total, has another 20 in progress, and has 10 unreleased poems he has not shared with the public. He cites 10 unreleased poems as being too personal and says they will never leave his notebook.

He also shares original quotes on his social media accounts that he has been inspired to create over the years.

"Jotting notes here and there as I maneuver through life, then I sit down and piece them all together. I call them 'legos,'" says Silent Quill.

His favorite poem he wrote is called "A Place," which details the struggles and challenges he endured over the years and how they affected him. The end of the poem touches on Silent Quill uplifting and encouraging himself as he works through to overcome those struggles.

Silent Quill says deciding to write the poem was the easy part, but deciding to share it was a challenge. He says he thought about not sharing the poem, describing himself as being "extremely private," until a friend of his encouraged him to share the poem with others due to the fact that its message could help others who may be also going through hardships.

Sharing his poems through melodic storytelling is his way of making it relatable for all listeners to hear, and to become inspired by. The best thing about being a poet, according to Silent Quill is "not only work through my struggles by way of self-expression but to help others work through theirs."

You can see more from Silent Quill on Instagram, and Facebook.

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