Talk Yo Shit Virtual Open Mic
Talk Yo Sh!t is back for an virtual open mic experience with two dope features and a DJ.
Jun 05, 8:00 PM EDT – Jun 06, 10:00 PM EDT

About the Studio

Cultured Studios is an art gallery, social lounge and event space. It is creative venue for New London community to gather. We are a proudly black-owned and operated.

At the studio, we host monthly events including game nights, open mics, live music, and more. The space is great for pop-ups, meetings, workshops and will be available to rent.

Studio Hours

January Open Studio Times:

Saturday, Jan 25: 12pm - 5pm

Friday, Jan 31: 3pm - 7pm

Feburary Open Studio Times:

Wed Feb 5: 4-8pm

Sat, Feb 8: 12pm - 5pm

Wed, Feb 12: 4pm - 8pm

Fri, Feb 14: 4pm - 8pm

Wed Feb 22: 12 - 5pm

Sat, Feb 26: 4pm - 8pm

Fri, Feb 28: 4pm - 8pm 

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The Key Bookstore is a fully interactive bookstore experience that engages readers through targeted curation, activities, subscriptions, events & more.

The Royal Bash

The Royal Bash provides accessories, and more for women of color all over the world to celebrate their natural hair, culture, style, and melanin.


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